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Amged Osman


HOW TO: Create PayPal Donation Box

| Amged Osman

Creating PayPal Donation button is really easy once you know the required inputs that PayPal needs. I've prepared a quick code to be used anywhere (of course I'm using IPB's classes for styling it, but you are free to do whatever edits needed to the s...

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Personal Font Styles for IPB 3

| Amged Osman

Personal Font Styles (PFS) (previously known as iFont) is back and its now for IPB 3.4+ and FREE


Paste Board Application for IPB 3

| Amged Osman

Paste Board: Type plain text or code and share it across IPB or anywhere on the Internet! Host your own pasted content, clip, and modify to your needs. You can even share in forum topics (posts, signatures, about me or any location that uses BBCode feature) with its own formatting and themes to fit your forum skins.


Create IPB hook & App Update Checker Script in PHP

| Amged Osman

Every IPB developer should make use of the update check function that comes with Invision Power Board stranded installation.
PHP Script / Class to notify your client's installation of IPB that there is an update for the hook or application.


HOW TO: Twitter Count Button for IPB 3

| Amged Osman

Twitter share link comes in IPB 3 as a clickable image / button, unlike Facebook, it doesn't show count of tweets. below is how the default button looks The below tutorial will allow you to show Twitter Button with count for Invision Power Board 3...